In the world of race relations, to know better, letsblame in race relations you do better.

This past weekend prompted a heated discussion about race relations in there was an interview between TV-One Host Roland Martin and controversial self-declared Pan Africanist Umar Johnson, the sensitive subject of race relations was addressed. Apparently, that conversation struck a raw nerve. It’s a well documented fact that the idea of race is a social construct. Even after so many years of passed time.

This conversation very quickly revealed the push for intraracial marriages in the African American community.

The “right way” to discuss race relations.

1. Tone of voice is everything. Race relations can be a sensitive subject.
2. Because race relations are so very sensitive, blame and accusation are conversation killers (but great for TV).
3. No one is “All” right, or “All” wrong. So you can “All-ways” find something to “Agree” on (no matter how small). That takes intellectual honesty.

Let’s face it, a discussion about race in America can be difficult.

Intellectual honesty allows reasonable adults to have a productive discussion about race relations Check out this video interview; these are two men of amazing substance and credentials; regardless of whether or not you agree with their platforms. Judge for yourself the effectiveness of this conversation on race relations in America.

Black: Beliefs Limiting Authentic Cultural Knowledge the book is written in part to challenge ourselves internally on how effective we are in appreciating the the differences we all posses in our cultures. Dr. Umar Johnson has a fantastic book on the ADHD Controversy with the School System and Black Boys.