The following post is from a blog supporter with a very interesting viewpoint on the resurgence of racism.  Please read and respond with your thoughts:

I think if you have to ask what race someone is on an application to college or for a job or for ANYTHING….it is racial bias. Why do they need to know? I think the Obamas set back racial relations several decades because people were judging people by qualifications and they brought race back to the forefront and focus.

We raised our children to not see color…..and now they do. Black lives matter…….more than yellow lives? more than red lives? more than white lives? see how this poses questions about race that weren’t there for the generation of my children?

Trump was never accused of being a racist until he ran for President. So No ….no stress there… stress was for the undoing of racial teaching from the Obamas. I think Ben Carson is right…..Poverty, prosperity or social status is a mind set. And people will end up right back where they were in their mind set no matter what happens to them.