“Coon” – servative

(Title is not intended as a personal criticism or judgment, it is a term that is currently used, and for the purposes of this post it is to be objectively explored. The author of this post does not condone the use of any name calling.)

The post’s purpose is to increase “self” awareness of the things that we “say” that we “believe” and compare it to what we actual “do” individually and “implement” collectively.

Being a Black Republican/Conservative and Rejected by your own Community.

Please watch this clip. This young man makes the following points:
1. He wants to be treated as more than his “Skin Color”.
2. He doesn’t believe in “White Privilege”.
3. He believes in “Individualism”.
4. He asks a non-Black person how to talk to other Blacks about the Black experience.

The speaker makes the following points:

  1. 1. He is an “individual” and that is the only way to “get ahead”.
  2. Ignore the societal obstacles, work really hard, and put your “nose to the grindstone”.
  3. Any Black that calls you an Uncle Tom or Coon…call them an “Asshole”.
    Consider the following questions:
  4. (To the concept of systemic racism and White Privilege)
  5. What was purpose of Lee Atwater’s creation and implementation of the “Republican Southern Strategy”?2. (To the concept of Individualism)
    The New Deal was a group of U.S. “government” programs in the 1930s implemented under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    Research this and compare it to the historical demonstration of America’s professed belief in ‘Individualism’.
  6. Can one genuinely “ignore” what they “see” i.e. in this case “Color”?
  7. If there are “obstacles” for some that aren’t there for others….isn’t that a “privilege” for those who aren’t restricted?
  8. Of the following quality of life areas i.e. Education, Employment, Wealth, Health, and Public Safety, which of these (if any) does the Black community “outperform” any other cultural group in?