Instagram could help the KKK curb it’s racism.

During the Month of May, the popular social media app, Instagram, launched a campaign to push mental health of a number of it’s users. The hashtag campaign was dubbed #HereForYou. This campaign was well intended. Though it was met with mixed reviews. What does an Instagram hashtag campaign have to do with the KKK? It’s common knowledge that the KKK has a strong history of racism in America. Racism is a mental health issue

Racism is a mental disorder. But can it be “fixed”?

Like any mental health issue, a great deal of treatment must deal with the acknowledgement by SOMEONE, that a problem truly exists. Often, racist thinking grows, unchecked and unknowingly affirmed under the guise of the First Amendment of the Constitution, as in this example of a group of High School students that were reprimanded for “liking” racist Instagram posts. A classic example of a mentally ill society as a whole.

No matter what we have to agree.

An Instagram hashtag campaign to address mental illness, that doesn’t consider the mental health issue of cultural discrimination, can never be enough to scratch the surface of racism in America. We all can agree that the “hashtag” campaign initiated by a couple of KKK members at a pre-Trump rally, undoubtedly proves that there MUST be a correlation of mental health and racism among the KKK leadership. In this instance, we’ll sub “hashtag” for “stabbing”.