The House Negro

Black America has a self-identification issue. The attached video very accurately sums up our condition in a humorous yet tragic way. Malcolm X, addresses the question of the House Negro vs. the Field Negro. If we are to make collective change and improvement in our national condition; we have to do something that will be very uncomfortable for us… that is to be completely honest with ourselves.

On some level, we all fall into some aspects of these these two perspectives of House Negro or Field Negro...consciously but most likely subconsciously. In our opinion, either of these identities will not serve our needs, one view is crippled by safety and comfort, the other view is obstructed by rage and anger. Oddly enough, Bill Maher, the television host believes he is one of the two.

Black: Beliefs Limiting Authentic Cultural Knowledge was written to assist in increasing self-awareness of our own contribution to our current condition. Before we can change the outside…we must start on the inside. The key to healing the black community begins with you.

Your thoughts?