The Week After Confederate Statues Are Removed 


The following was a post from the Black: Beliefs Limiting Authentic Cultural Knowledge Facebook Page. 


Although I understand why people want Confederate Statues removed, the truth is, it really doesn’t negatively affect our lives or progress. My father was raised in the South during Jim Crow. He said they didn’t like Rebel flag, but it did not bother them. They didn’t dwell on it. I grew up with Dukes of Hazzard. I loved that show. No one complained that I know of. I had a General Lee car that I used to play with my Barbie dolls. I loved that car.

We conservatives love to point out that the KKK and racism is the party of Democrats, yet many are not for removing a Democrat statue. The Confederates States of America was founded because of slavery. Period. Taxes were already lowered by the time the war started to historic levels. Remembering history is not confined to statues. If so, the only history we would know would be that which has statues in the middle of the road. Put them in museums and historical locations. BUT there is no need to die on a sword over the matter. A racist flag does not define our heritage today. I still love Dukes of Hazzard, the General Lee and especially Boss Hog.

Confederate statues are removed




A Week After Confederate Statues Are Removed… A Reply




Reply from George Middleton of “Black: Beliefs Limiting Authentic Cultural Knowledge”


Excellent observation and points made. I also see this clash over “symbolism” as more a revelation of our collective deep hidden emotions about what the symbols represent.The symbols i.e. Flag, statues, etc. aren’t the “real” issue. This country has not come to grips with our real feelings about “Race”. A show like Dukes of Hazzard has enabled us to assign positive memories (unknowingly to most of us) to a symbol loaded with traumatic experiences of history.





What’s Most Important After the Confederate Statues are Removed. 




Unfortunately, we “skipped” the resolution of the history and are now operating mostly on emotion instead of the accuracy of history. What is more important to me is “everyone’s” ability regardless of culture, to have access to and the ability to create and control their own destinies.


So for instance, we have this group titled Black Conservatives. That title alone implies that there are experiences unique to the Black community that are not addressed from the White perspective. If that were not the case, why would we need to delineate Conservative principles by color?

Confederate statues are removed

Similarly to the recent clash in Charlottesville, many of the discussions in this group align by color, and in many instances just as intense in anger and conflict. What will it take for all sides to hear, respect, and learn from each other’s experiences in order to collectively move as one group of conservatives? What will America look like after Confederate Statues are removed.